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Wholemeal Pasta with Eggplants and Ricotta cheese

New pasta recipe 🍝

Wholemeal pasta with eggplants & ricotta.

Ingredients (for 2 people):

- 160g of wholemeal pasta;

- 1 tin of cherry tomatoes;

- 1 medium eggplant;

- 200g ricotta cheese

- 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil

- salt & pepper


- cut the eggplant in small cubes and pan fry in a big pan with extra virgin olive oil;

- cook until crispy, adjust with salt & pepper;

- add the tin of cherry tomatoes and cook for a 5 minutes;

- cook the pasta al dente (usually 1-2 minutes less than what the packet says);

- add the pasta to the eggplant sauce & stir for a couple of minutes, adjust with salt & pepper;

- add the ricotta cheese & enjoy a well balanced meal 👌🏻

Will you try this recipe?

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