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Sweet Dates, Cacao & Walnuts Brownies with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Updated: May 14, 2020

My new favorite brownie recipe!

They taste very sweet, without any refined sugar. They are also dairy-free!

I used dates to sweeten them.

Why are dates really better than white sugar?

In addition to tasting naturally sweet, dates contain protein, vitamins, and minerals. They are also:

  • High in polyphenols. Polyphenols are antioxidant compounds that can protect the body from inflammation. Dates contain more polyphenols than most other fruits and vegetables.

  • Alternative to empty-calorie sweets. Dates can satisfy a person's sweet tooth while also providing essential nutrients, such as vitamin B-6 and iron.

  • High in fiber. Just ¼ of a cup of dates provides 12 percent of a person's daily fiber requirement. Fiber helps a person feel fuller for longer.

  • High in potassium. Dates are high in potassium, which is an electrolyte the body needs for good heart health. Potassium also helps to build muscle and proteins in the body.

Here's the recipe.


· 2 eggs

· 80g dates

· 50ml water

· 150g preferred flour

· 1tbsp baking powder

· 50ml coconut oil

· 1 cup almond milk

· 1 handful of walnuts

· 50g dark chocolate chips

· Almond milk


· Separate egg whites and yolks

· Make a date syrup with dates and water and blend them together

· Whisk egg yolks with date syrup

· Add coconut oil

· Add flour and baking powder a little bit at a time

· Add walnuts

· Bake at 180 for 30 minutes

· For the ganache: melt dark chocolate chips, add almond milk until it becomes a shiny glaze; pour on the brownies and let cool down.

Nutrition information for one brownie: 130 kcal, 15g carbs, 2g fiber, 4g sugar, 7g fats, 3g protein.

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