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Ways To Drink More Water

Do you hit those 2L of water per day? No, here’s some tips.

- Start your day with a big glass of water. I like to squeeze in a slice of lemon, that will help kick-start your digestion for the day too!

- Herbal teas are my favorite way to drink water, especially in winter! Its just water with more flavor. Be careful with caffeinated teas such as black tea and green tea, because caffeine can actually do the opposite effect and dehydrate you!

- Keep your water bottle (better to have a refillable one for less plastic and less $ to spend) on your desk during the day, it will be a reminder that you need more water!

- Soups in winter are a great idea to increase your water intake

- Need a sparkling drink? Try kombucha, a nice drink made from fermented tea (contains probiotic too!)

- And do not forget that fruit and vegetables are high in water too!!

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