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Tips to increase your vegetable intake

Do you eat enough veggies in your diet?

Did you know that we are supposed to eat 5-6 cups of vegetables per day! Seems like a lot.

So here’s my tips to increase your daily veggies intake:

1. Increase your portion sizes first. Make sure at least ½ of your plate is full of vegetables at lunch and dinner; that will count as 2-3 cups per meal!

2. Combine with pasta, rice or other cereals.

3. Carrots, celery, capsicum sticks with hummus as snacks, very yummy

4. Kale chips and sweet potato toast are good alternatives to your usual potato chips or toast.

5. Add a handful of spinach or kale to your smoothies

6. Add zucchini or carrots to oatmeal or spinach or other vegetables to scrambled eggs

7. (this should actually be my number 1 advice) PREPARE AHEAD. This is the key. Because vegetables take time to be prepared and cooked, its easy to avoid them if we are in a rush. I like to bake a big tray of vegetables so I have them ready for the next two-three days!

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