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Chickpea Caserecce Salad

Updated: May 14, 2020

I just discovered the new Barilla Chickpea Caserecce and they are so yum! I love trying different pasta variations, as variety is the key for a healthy diet.

They are very high in protein and fibre and they are also gluten-free.

I made a delicious meal by adding some vegetables and a tin of tuna.


· 80g Barilla Chickpea Caserecce

· 50g eggplants

· 50g zucchini

· 5 cherry tomatoes

· 80g tinned tuna

· 1 teaspoon of evoo


· Roast the vegetables at 180C for 30 minutes

· Cook the chickpea caserecce for 7 minutes

· Mix the vegetables, tinned tuna and chickpea caserecce with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.

· Serve

Nutrient composition: 457kcal, 44g carbs, 15g of fiber, 38g of protein and 10g fats!

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